Partnership program

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Partnership program

You can become an AGRONEWS information partner  and get 5% of the profit for each client that you will attract.

How to receive guaranteed profit?

  1. Generate and copy your partner's link into "Personal account" (section "Billing").
  2. Publish partner's link or banner with the AGRONEWS affiliate link on your website, social network page or other information resources.
  3. Advertise the portal actively, increase the number of customers. You will get profit from future transactions. Important: Avoid illegal advertising methods (for example, spam mailings)!


How does it work?

You share partner's link that contains the unique participant's number. As soon as the client uses the link to enter the site, the system automatically links your partner's number to this client. Ready!

After registration, paid portal services will be available for the client. Once he decides to use any of the services and sends a payment check, the system will automatically transfer 5% from the paid amount to your account.

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