About AGRONEWS project

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About AGRONEWS project

AGRONEWS is a multifunctional web-platform for agriculture and industry. Goods and Services Catalogue, Websites of Enterprises, Job vacancies and CVs, Projects for Searching New Business Partners , Market Analysis and News, Media Planner and Newsletters, Educational Courses and Subscriptions to Specialized Content, Websites and Landing Pages Constructor.


AGRONEWS is a project that unites manufacturers, traders and consumers from all over the world.

  • Create your personal website and landing pages,
  • integrate them into international catalogues,
  • always be in control of content,
  • launch advertising campaigns on different markets,
  • communicate with clients on-line and read industry-specific news.


AGRONEWS is a fully digital business project with multiple services that will attract your new clients.

AGRONEWS is one of the first to implement the idea of founding the largest international business community in agro-industry.  One of the first steps towards the global agro-industrial market was creating a unified system that helps to build websites for companies.

Smart Website Builder is our unique solution for both promoting a company and creating a unified database at the same time. We developed a convenient tool to improve your business and create a website exactly as you want it. With the help of Smart Website Constructor you are not just designing a business card site which is completely autonomous, but you are also creating a full web-based system to promote your business, with diverse services to receive feedbacks and improve conversion rate. The most important thing is that your «smart website» will be integrated into global catalogues on the portal.


Our mission is to UNITE.

Markets – to develop export relations.

Manufacturers and consumers – to ease communication.

Buyers and traders – to help find best suggestions and make profitable deals.

Businessmen - to create new projects and attract investment.

Experts – to seek new ways to develop the industry.


User Services.

Manage your profile and business contacts, place your СV, take educational courses, find projects you like and take part in developing new business trends.

Subscribe to catalogues and companies, choose news topics and e-magazines, adjust your personal updates subscription. AGRONEWS will make sure you won’t miss anything.


Presentation material about the portal and its main features.


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