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Our clients have at their disposal technical support service that is available for them 24/7 including holidays.


As a basic tool for clients support we are using a ticket system which is available through personal account, access to which every client gets having registered at the website. Apart from that our clients can always contact us though email and Skype for general problems solving and presale consulting.

Our stuff provides technical support both in Russian and English languages, and if you address us in any other language we will make our best to understand what you are saying and help you solve your issue.


Links for guides and user manuals

Use the Feedback Form  to ask questions

Prices for paid services of Agronews portal.

What is a “Gift Certificate”?

A Gift Certificate is a gift voucher (or set of vouchers) that activate money on Agronews users’ accounts. You can get those from participating in various events and competitions our service team regularly holds. We also offer advertising and promotional campaigns at various trade shows and events. You can use money from a gift voucher to get any paid services the Portal can offer.

You can activate the money from your voucher using a code in Billing section of your Personal Account.

How can I place my goods and services at my website?

Goods and services get to your website from a unified global Portal’s catalogue.

First you need to place your goods and services in the catalogues on Agronews Portal. Then, after you have created your website using a ready-made template Catalogue, these goods and services will appear on your website. Using this ready-made template will make your goods and services automatically appear in your website’s catalogue.

Staying logged in your Personal Account you can place your goods in My Catalogue section.

I can’t see any information about goods and companies on the Portal, although I just could not so long ago.

Most likely you are currently looking at a different market section of the Portal. Check the active market section at the top right corner of Agronews portal.

The way information is sorted and displayed depends on the region a company or goods are placed in.

Also, the date of publication of the goods may be overdue, and it will not be visible in the catalog. To resume the placement of such goods, it is necessary to extend its publication from its Personal Cabinet.

How can I ask a question in case of technical malfunction?

One of our priorities is to provide continuous editing process as well as high performance of websites. And though we take multiple precautions to deliver our users the best performance possible, mistakes can happen.


If you are facing a problem you can go to our FAQ section and read the answers to questions our specialists provided.


If you can’t find an answer that solves your problem ask a question using the Feedback Form.


Please provide us with the following information right upon starting to place your request:

  • Description of the problem, name or number of the mistake that you are getting. 
  • Screenshot of the mistake.
  • Your login on Agronews portal. 
  • What operational system are you using (for example Mac OSX, Windows XP).
  • Type and number of the browser version you are using (search in Help > About).
  • Your geographical location and internet provider. 
  • What security software are you using (antivirus programs, etc.)

Is Agronews’s hosting secure enough for my website?

Agronews places your websites on a quality, fast and reliable hosting which works uninterruptedly more than 99,8% of time. It is a free service for all users.


Hosting is provided by reliable European hosting company that has 100% redundant array of independent disks on SDD drive.

What means “to create your personal domain”?

Address of your free web site is myfirma.agronews.com. You will get an opportunity to create your own domain (for example www.myfirma.com) if you buy any tariff plan with possibility of creating your own web site.

Learn more about attaching name of your own domain to the web site on Agronews portal here.


Your own domain plays a very important role in web site promotion and business development. Buy a domain from any domain registrator (for example https://godaddy.com, https://www.101domain.com/ etc.) and you can easily connect it.

How can one pay for portal services?

You can use your credit card and most of the debit cards. Currently  we accept Visa, MasterCard.


You can pay using PayPal.


You can also form an account and pay through a non-cash bank account.


Tools for account replenishment are in the Personal cabinet in the Billing section.

Where can I find information about my invoices and payment?

Get more information in your Personal cabinet in Billing section.

How can you delete your profile ?

If you need to delete your profile, send a letter of relevant content  from a registered e-mail.

How much does the advertisement on our Portal cost?

Learn relevant information on the page agronews.com/ads

How can I sign up and use all functions on the Portal?

How can I sign up and use all functions on the Portal?


Press button Enter in the upper right corner of the main page. Use Registration bookmark to sign up on the Portal.


More detail in the instruction.

The price on the web site and the price set by the seller when paying does not coincide. Goods are out of stock, but they are visible on web site. What to do?

Prices and available products are regulated by the sellers. Mismatch can happen for various reasons.

AGRONEWS.COM is a portal, where a great amount of  sellers are registered. That is why if you have any problems related to the quality of goods, you have to contact a seller first and then contact us.


Please, inform anyway, if any of these problems happen. Our address is claim@agronews.com. We will investigate every case and do everything possible to minimize such incident.

Administration of the Portal will make every effort to ensure relevance of all proposals from sellers.

I do not remember how to contact the seller of the good or service.

There is a button Contact on the flypage. If you are registered on the Portal, you can send your request through instant messaging. Seller will get it as fast as possible.


If you are not registered on the Portal and don’t want to do it, you can  go on company’s flypage, which offer you good or service. There are e-mail and phone numbers on the full flypage of the company.

I don’t remember the password for your account. Can I recover it?

With the help of password reminder.

This option is available on the authorization page. Click the "Forgot Password" button.

How can I delete .agronews from the address of the web site?

Read the instructions for linking your own domain to your site on Agronews

How not to miss updates and system news?

Follow our updates in social networks on following addresses:

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Where can I get help with any questions?

Where can I get help with any questions?

You can carefully study the information on the following links:





If you can’t find the answer to your question, you can send it via the feedback form or on e-mail addresses, which you can find on the Contacts page.

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